MiMi.jpg Drs. Osterman and their staff are truly amazing and special people. Easy to get an appointment, very short wait time, if any, and they call you back when they say they will. We appreciate their compassion, caring, and patience when they are taking care of Mimi, especially since she is not the easiest cat to take care of.

The Kominsky Family

Lala.jpg My pets have been Dr. Osterman’s patients since I moved to New York from Virginia in 2000. He cared for my cat Honey in her late years until she passed away at the age of 18. At that time I couldn’t think of ever having another pet but in the back of my head I knew if I ever did Dr. Osterman’s office will be the only place I would bring my pet to. Sure enough several months later I had my beautiful kitty Lala and she also became a patient of a Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital. Both Dr. Edward and Carrie Osterman are the utmost professional, kind and gentle, always available to answer your questions. Their staff is wonderful, Yvette was so wonderful when my first cat passed away, she always has right words at the right time. I’m very happy that we found Dr. Osterman and I would never look elsewhere.

Thank you Dr. Edward and Carrie, Yvette and all the members of our Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital!

Natalie Shuster

Binky___Friend.jpg I have known Dr. Edward & Carrie Osterman for over twenty years. I have always been more than satisfied with there professionalism, expertise, kindness and compassion. Having many pets they have guided me through many difficult decisions and shared lighter moments of joy. They have pets of there own and understand the bond that owners share with there pets. There staff is knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Osterman and Dr. Carrie Osterman have my complete confidence . It gives me peace of mind to know that they are
just a phone call away.

Melvana Lucci

Molly.jpg I have been bringing my dogs to Dr. Osterman at Kings Bay Vet ever since the good doctor first started his practice. I have been to other Veterinarian doctors from time to time before I met Dr. Osterman. I have found that this doctor is probably not only the best doctor for your pet, but the kindest, most sympathetic, empathetic, gentile, and honest of all the pet doctors in the entire tri-state area. I feel honored to know him, and grateful to have had him as the doctor who not only took great care of my pets, but actually saved the life of one of them. Thank you, Dr. Edward Osterman.

Thanks again.

Sharon McNerney

Zoe___Xena.jpg I am happy to tell anyone how great your services are. In the last four years both doctors have treated various members of our “pet” family members. Two are no longer with us. Our dog, Buddy who was with us for 14 years and our cat Midnight who was with us for 15 years. Although they are gone, we are thankful for the wonderful quality care that they gave them.

The doctors continue to care for our remaining babies. My dogs Zoe and her daughter Xena are in excellent health due to their continued support. And although Wicket isn’t mine, he is here with me so often that I continue to take him to them for his health care. These three are so lucky to start their medical care early with such dedicated doctors. All their staff has been supportive, understanding and highly knowledgeable. They provide the best medical service possible. I’m attaching a recent picture of Zoe and Xena. They are growing well under their care.

Thanks again.

Ruth Acevedo

loette.jpg I am always thoroughly impressed with Dr. Carrie’s hard work, skill, and, above all, her loving attitude towards animals. When I moved away, I’ve attempted to visit other vets that were closer to my new apartment. After visiting three other offices I can confidently say that there’s simply no comparison – Dr. Carrie Osterman, her father Dr. Edward Osterman and their wonderful staff are the best, bar none. Even my dog LOVES to go to the vet and every time I say “Doctor?” she jumps up and down and goes nuts from joy – no kidding! I now have to arrange taxis and pull favors from friends to drive my doggie to the vet from the other side of Brooklyn, but it’s all worth it!

I wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Carrie Osterman for the wonderful care she’s been providing for my precious dog Loette for the past 8 years. She’s been helping us through more than just check-ups and vaccinations – she’s helped us manage food skin allergies, thyroid & anemia problems, as well as help us get through 2 separate cancers!

So…Thank you for everything!

Julia Sergeyev

Scout_Cosmo.jpg Since 1977 my family has had the pleasure of using Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital for all of our pets needs. For the last 10 years “my boys” Scout & Cosmo have been taken care of by the talented and warm staff of this veterinary hospital.

Dr. Osterman, Dr. Carrie, Yvette and the entire staff there make my pets feel like family. With their caring and loving nature they make my boys feel comfortable and calm whether it is an emergency or just a routine visit. My senior pets are like puppies due to the wonderful care of Doctors’ Osterman and their staff.

Dr. Osterman and his staff are always available to answer the phone and answer all of my “nervous Mother” questions and have always shown kindness and compassion for both my boys and my family.

I can assure you that at this veterinary office, your pet will be well taken care of and you will be glad that you entrusted them with your I cannot say enough good things about this wonderful heartfelt group of people.

Peskoff Family

Caleb.jpg   Kings Bay Vet is owned by the most dedicated, caring, conscientious, professional staff I have ever had the pleasure of using for my beloved dog, Caleb, and his predecessor, Rufty. Dr. Edward Osterman is an extremely caring, highly qualified veterinarian who treats my dog gently, thoroughly and with compassion not only for him, but for his very anxious owners, me and my husband. He calls immediately when test results are returned to his office, and is always available for any problem that may arise with my dog, Caleb. I have had many dogs, and I have been to many veterinarians over my lifetime.

There is no better than Dr. Edward Osterman and his daughter, Dr. Carrie Osterman. She, too, has treated my dog and is as wonderful as her father. I only wish I could find a medical doctor as qualified and as compassionate as the professional team at Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital.


Alice and Bob Aarons

Betsy_Louie.jpg I’m writing this testimonial on behalf of my Pug Louie. Louie is a 13 year old pug that is still hanging in there, thanks to the care, support and love, he had received over the years with Dr. Osterman and his team. This Vet Hospital is very dedicated and highly experienced.

Dr. Osterman has been my pets vet for over the past 20 years or so. He cared for my “Daisy” until she passed on at the age of 15 years. He often would open the office after hours if necessary, to care for her emergencies. He also cared for my beloved “Katie”, who left us abruptly, but he handled her demise with such stength, that till today I don’t know how he did it or will ever forget how he was there to support me and my parents thru that horrific time.

Later thru the years, I brought Louie into Dr. Osterman, he was just 9 weeks old when we bought him at a pet store. He was so sick. It was the care and again his expertise that made Louie into a healthy pup, and thru the years our best friend. Now he is old, and we moved out of state. For the first two years after we moved, I traveled back for his yearly exam, because I didn’t trust any other Doctor. Unfortunately he can’t make the car ride into Brooklyn anymore. He goes to a nearby Hospital, where he is treated by the “attending on call”. He is referred to as a number, and although he is receiving the correct care, its nothing compared to how he was treated by Dr. Osterman. My parents still live a few blocks from his office. Each time I pass by, I think of Dr. Osterman and his unique team of caring professionals, where my dogs weren’t referred to as a number, but by their names, and greeted always warmly and with a gentle touch.

As a Registered Nurse, I can honestly say that those qualities, along with his care, are often hard to come by. In closing they are the BEST.


Betsy and “Louie” Antoniello

JJ_Sharky.jpg I absolutely can’t say enough good things about Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital. From Yvette Viera to the Techs and Doctors themselves, everyone makes you feel reassured that you made the best choice by bringing your pet to them. Everyone is extremely courteous, attentive and diligent about your pets care and will make you their priority. Whether I needed them in an emergency, like when my dog was hit by a car or just to come in for a checkup or shots they are always there for me.

Drs’ Carrie & Edward always take the time to answer the phone whenever I call as well as answer and explain any questions that I may have. I really can’t say enough good things about them. You will leave there feeling that you and your pet are part of The Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital family.

I hope to be going to Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital for many more years to come, as their staff and service are second to none.

Thank you so much for enriching mine & my pets’ lives.

Mody, JJ & Sharky

cricket_and_karen.jpg When I came to this office the first time more than 20 years ago, another person with a happy, healthy cat was in the waiting room. She told me that Dr. Osterman had performed life-saving surgery for the cat when all other veterinarians had told her the only option was to have her put to sleep. She had been able to visit the cat during recovery, and from the personal attention and consideration that was given to this case I knew I had come to the right place (after finding it in the yellow pages!).

During the earlier years, I watched Dr. Carrie grow up and become an excellent veterinarian, and important partner in the practice. Throughout, I’ve enjoyed seeing Yvette for all of my visits! They all gave great and comprehensive care to my cat Agatha for her 20 years, and have given a great start to my new addition Cricket (in the picture). Sorry to write so much but I’m so grateful for what you all have done.

Karen and Cricket

Trouble___Mercury.jpg We have had the pleasure of having our “children” under the care of Dr. E Osterman since 1984 when he spayed our cat. Dr. Osterman & his staff were kind and compassionate at that time, and have continued over the years. His facility is clean, orderly and odor-free. In 1990 we moved to Staten Island and still return to Dr. Osterman with our children. Dr. Osterman his staff have always been kind and compassionate over the years as our family grew. He has always been there threw the good & “bad times” showing deep concern for our well being as well as our children. Dr. Osterman has over the years kept pace with current medical & surgical techniques as well as diagnostic procedures so that he his staff can give the best possible care to his patients.

Dr. E Osterman has given his patients the opportunity & privilege to be treated by his daughter, Dr. Carrie Osterman. Dr. Carrie Osterman continues to follow in her father’s foot steps in providing excellent quality care with compassion. Dr. Carrie proves “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”.

I cannot thank Dr. E Osterman, Dr. C Osterman and Yvette for all they have done for our family over the years.

R. Greenberg

Nikki.jpg Doctors Osterman and staff of Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital are some of the most caring and knowledgeable professional I have ever had the please to meet.

I have had dogs all my life from as early I can remember to now (I’m in my 60’s). In my adult years, I have always very conscientiously taken care of my dogs which naturally includes emergency as well as routine care. Over the years I have lived out-of-state and I have taken my pets to various veterinarians. When I moved back to Brooklyn in 1973, my dog had a veterinary emergency by swallowing some sharp objects from my child’s broken toy. I was referred to Dr. Osterman by a relative who had been a client of his. Not only did the Doctor see us right away, but he also called the next two days to find out if everything was O.K.

I have taken my dogs to the Kings Bay Veterinary Hospital ever since. They have given my pets excellent care and handled the inevitable occasional emergencies with expertise and caring for my beloved dogs. I will never change veterinarians.

Dennis M.

Brooklyn, N.Y.